Al-Saqr Al-Ahmar

Al-Saqr Al-Ahmar is subsidiary of Cairo For Insulation and HVAC accessories
Which was founded year 2010 and deals in all types of HVAC and building materials

Flexible Ducts and Duct Connectors

Flexible duct insulated

The inner core is double
laminated metalized polyester
film that is permanently
attached to a corrosion resistant
steel wire helix.

Flexible duct uninsulated
aluminum metalized without
insulation layer

It is composed of a triple laminated
aluminum foil, film that is permanently
attached to a corrosion resistant
steel wire helix.

Flexible duct connector
uninsulated vinyl

Vinyl is the
most widely utilized fabric for all
air duct systems owing to its
excellent tear strength and
abrasion resistance.

Adhesive Tapes

PVC pipe

wrapping tape consists of
stabilized PVC film coated with
pressure sensitive adhesive of
excellent peel strength , anti corrosive
& moisture resistant.

FSK tape

(Foil + Scrim + Kraft
paper) is coated with strong
rubber resin/solvent base acrylic
adhesive and laminated with
release liner.

Duct cloth tape

is a polyethylene film
laminated over a cloth/scrim substrate
coated with rubber based adhesive of
strong peel adhesion and it is also
water proof.

Aluminium Foil tape

is coated with a strong rubber resin/solvent base acrylic hot melt adhesive and
laminated with release liner, foil
tape is suitable as making in
electroplating of aluminium due to
its non contamination properties.

Alu Pet tape

is with special aluminium
foil tape is a foil tape re in forced
with PET film backing (ALUPET)
combined with strong solvent Acrylic
adhesive and easy release liner for
maximum performance.

Alu Glass tapes

are premium
performance adhesive tapes that
ensure longevity and functionality
designed and manufactured for
professional applications.

Insulation and Accessories


are generally produced using synthetic polymers, water, latex, and fillers.
We offer four types of sealants Grey, Black, White, and Clear.

Delta Self adhesive pins

are designed to fix insulating materials
to smooth surfaces such as air
ducts, attenuators, chambers, and

Foam tape

is a type of pressure sensitive self adhesive tape. It is made from foam and one of several
different backing materials and can
be adhesive on either one or both sides.


is found as native metal and in the minerals cuprite,
malachite, azurite, chalcopyrite and bornite.
It is also often a by product of silver production.
Sulphides, oxides and carbonates are the most important.

Sheet Roll and Tube Insulation

are flexible, elastomeric thermal insulations.
The insulations are furnished with
a smooth skin one side or both sides on request,
which forms the outer exposed insulation surface.


To provide our clients competitive and premium quality equipment and services.
To strengthen the acceptability of our brands with clients and contractors throughout.
To seek growth through new ideas, new products and strong partnerships.
To recruit, train and retain the best talent in the industry.
To continuously improve our business processes.

We deal in all brands

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